Indoor Mats

Nylon Mats

One of our Printed Nylon mats

Consisting of a durable nylon fibre and heavy duty nitrile backing (both flat and gripper backing available) the mats that we supply are able to be machine washed (at 30 degrees) to clean once dirty.

As an assurance of quality, our printed mats come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Properties - Nylon Mats
Total Height 9.5mm
Max Size 200cm x 400cm
Indoor Use Only Yes
Wear Properties Good
No of Colours 20
Washable Yes
Lead Time 4 weeks

Coir Mats

One of our Coir mats

The original entrance door mat. Made from Natural Fibres (Coconut) Coir Door Mats provide a traditional and extremely effective barrier giving a very good level of dirt and moisture removal for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Properties - Coir Mats
Total Height 17mm
Max Size 200cm x 1200cm
Indoor Use Only Yes
Wear Properties Good
No of Colours 8
Washable No
Lead Time 5 days

Brush Mats

One of our Brush mats

Brush Mat is a 100% synthetic alternative to coir entrance matting. There are some advantages of this fantastic product over the traditional coir mat. Being synthetic, it does not moult or shed like other traditional products. It has a total height of 13.5mm, so can be used in areas where 17mm coir is not suitable. This product is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years for heavy commercial wear and also passes the flammability test for BS EN 13501 – 1 Efl-s1.

Available in 7 different colours Brush Mat is the new alternative to traditional entrance matting. It is resistant to rot and water. It is extremely durable and has excellent scraping attributes. This product is mainly used in mat well areas although if preferred can be used as a loose lay entrance matting product.

Properties - Brush Mats
Total Height 13.5mm
Max Size 200cm x 2000cm
Indoor Use Only Yes
Wear Properties Excellent
No of Colours 7
Washable No
Lead Time 5 days

Robotic Tuft

One of our Robotic Tuft mats

Made in 100% solution dyed Nylon – these mats are much more robust in comparison to any other printed market available in the market. They have greater longevity as the fibre is completely dyed at the point of manufacture and has a greater UV stability and wear properties.

Properties - Robotic Tuft
Total Height 12mm
Max Size 600cm x 400cm
Indoor Use Only Yes
Wear Properties Good
No of Colours 7
Washable Yes / No
- depending on backing and size
Lead Time 6 weeks
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