Unique Mats

All of our entrance mats are made bespoke for our customers, each letter and image is inserted by hand and made to last for the lifetime of the mat.

Dye Depth

Where we differ from other suppliers is that our mats are made using a method known as graphic insert – the entrance matting is pre-dyed and not printed/sprayed. What this means is that the colour does not rub off like a print. The fibres are pre-dyed to ensure that this does not happen.

Once precisely cut, the mat is then assembled by hand and sealed with a specially developed PVC backing.

Tailor made to your specification

Do you have a specific graphic or logo that you require on your entrance matting? Does the entrance mat need to be an irregular shape? Our bespoke matting service covers allows us to take your original design works and make a mat that not only looks great but fits exactly how you need it to.

Get in Touch!

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